Alamo Site Launch

Alamo Site Launch

This week’s spotlight shines brightly on Alamo – Costa Del Sol Real Estate.

Alamo’s newly launched website boasts a host of enticing features, showcasing its premier properties and latest developments. With meticulous attention to both design and functionality, we collaborated closely with the owner to bring this project to fruition.

Onboarding – Start of Project

We first introduced Per the owner of Alamo to our Project Managers Ellie & Kevin who were pleased by Per’s attitude to moving forward with this project. at this point of the build, we gain an understanding of the USP, whether you are solely selling developments or using an MLS service such as Resales, Kyero etc. Understanding the USP is crucial for positioning the project effectively in the market and distinguishing it from competitors.

To ensure a smooth launch of the website, it’s important to have certain prerequisites in place, such as SMTP details, XML Feeds, reCAPTCHA Keys and Google maps API credentials… These elements are crucial for the website’s functionality.

Build stage

From here our team took to using our Agent Plus software carefully using the branded elements from Alamo’s existing site,

We carefully curated the images to highlight that this is a Real estate Group based in Marbella – Costa Del Sol using the CMS system provided with all of our Agent Plus websites.

If you are curious about how easy it is to add/change/remove content we have curated a how-to which can be found here.

Alamo They also created great blog content which we added to the website to maintain SEO with Google.

Launch Stage

Close to the finish we have regular video calls with Per, making sure our client is happy with the finished product whilst also carrying out Quality Assurance checks by multiple members of the team to make sure everything is polished before launching.

Now that the site is launched we are also working with them on a bespoke SEO plan that will help drive relevant traffic to the site attracting not only buyers but sellers too.

Before and after…

The website now sports a homepage video all made possible with the Agent Plus product, we like to make life as simple as possible for our clients which can be seen in our guide on how to upload a video to the hero image section.

Call to action (CTA)

Alamo specialises in not just properties for sale but also developments, as seen in the image above there are clear and concise CTA’s that takes the user to their preferred listing page.

Social Media

all of the Social Media channels can be seen located to the bottom right of the screen, these are made ‘sticky’ so that even when scrolling through the homepage they will always be visible.

Attracting Sellers

Sellers looking to advertise their property with Alamo can easily follow through to the “Get a valuation” CTA which takes them to a form that captures the lead with ease.

News/Blog Management

Linked in the navigation bar above the articles created by ALAMO can be visited if the user is looking for relative information to their property search.


There are a variety of property buyers/sellers in the Costa Del Sol which is why ALAMO has opted to have English, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian languages available on the site. 

As you can see from their old site they have an overwhelming abundance of information.

The poor design is confusing to site visitors and the odd placement of text and search box does not give a feeling of professionalism or establishment.

We’re thrilled with the outcome of the website and commend Per for his dedication to elevating the Alamo brand to new heights.

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