A Decade of Evolution for Real Estate Digital Marketing

By James Sheldon
A Decade of Evolution for Real Estate Digital Marketing

Once again we have entered a new year, but not only this, we have entered into a new decade. 

Welcome to 2020; the decade of flying cars and robots… OK, so things didn’t quite pan out the way people once predicted they would. However, there has still been some incredible technological and industry advancements and shifts within the last decade. 

The past 10 years have brought some enormous changes to the property and real estate industry. Not only this, but as technology and trends have progressed and evolved, the industry has shifted into a whole different realm from a marketing and operational perspective. 

Property businesses are now majoritively now relying on digital marketing, online portals, social media and web presence to drive their estate agencies forward to continued success, lead generation and sales. This has become a vital part of any successful business model, and the real key is knowing how to execute this successfully.

There are lots of important things to consider in your digital marketing strategy. Some of the big changes in digital marketing and the property industry in the last 10 years have been keeping up with the latest digital trends, and also how they will change moving forward into the new decade. 

The Future of Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

With huge changes already in the evolution and complexity of digital marketing, algorithms and trends, it’s likely that this will continue in the current decade to advance and evolve. SEO for real estate will continue to be vital as well as PPC for online agents. Online advertising via social media including Facebook & LinkedIn helps build your brand awareness to your local demographics.

It’s becoming increasingly important for property businesses to keep up to date with their knowledge of digital marketing. It’s integral, especially those that are without a marketing department, to form relationships with expert agencies in the field to get the most out of their budgets and stay ahead of the competition in a competitive market.

The future of digital marketing sees a huge focus on automation, personalisation and artificial intelligence, and these aspects will continually develop, creating new features to some of the key marketing platforms. 

Personalisation in particular will play a big part in the development of Real Estate marketing, as customers are house buyers seek that personal touch helping them to feel secure when it comes to making some big decisions and purchases. 

Is your Estate Agency performing online?

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