6 Ways to Grow your Estate Agency

6 Ways to Grow your Estate Agency

Every business needs to grow to become successful, to do this you need to work on new ways to grow your business. It’s important to have a plan and always think of different ways to improve. Although this is likely to be something which you already do in some way, we understand that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to spend searching for more ideas to evolve your business.

Here are our 6 top tips to grow your Estate Agency:

Google Adwords

Looking to get at the top of Google fast? If you’re willing to spend money, then Google Adwords might just be for you in order to rank above all other search engine results!

So what exactly is Google AdWords?

Simply put, Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses to display ads within a Google’s search result, above all other traffic. To do this a company will bid on relevant keywords they are trying to target to appear above all other search engine ads and organic results. This can be a great way to sell property, if you have the budget to do so and know someone with the right expertise to create effective Adword campaigns.

Ads will generally appear above all organic searches and will look something like this (example when we search for ‘buy property in spain’):

PPC Downalod

Why use AdWords to grow your estate agency?

Generally if you are struggling to rank higher on Google or are ‘new’ to the online world in a highly competitive market, Google adwords gives you the opportunity to advertise your website/ properties to the most relevant audience. This will result in higher website traffic and most likely more leads being generated for your estate agency.

Market Trends

You need to keep an eye on new property trends to avoid missing out on a potential opportunity to progress. The Property Industry is always changing, failing to keep up to date with industry related news and trends will leave you at a disadvantage. If you are unaware of a new trend which will affect your business this could deter you from closing a sale or you could miss an opportunity to gain more business. You can keep up to date on local market trends by keeping an eye on your local government’s website.

Social media engagement

Social Media is a free advertising tool and is something which should definitely be taken advantage of. There are so many different free social media channels and ways they can be used to get your Estate Agency noticed and grow your business. You could add your featured properties onto social media to gain more interest, or create competitions to gain a higher number of likes and followers. Sometimes sharing an interesting or unusual fact is all it takes to generate engagement.

Here are the top 3 social media platforms that every estate agency must be active on and why:

Facebook IconFacebook is a great platform to not only promote your properties to followers but it can also be a useful platform for people to search for your properties instead of visiting your website! Check out our handy Facebook property search tool to find out how you can improve your Facebook presence HERE>

Twitter IconTwitter is probably one of the easiest platforms to gain a strong social following. Also if you use relevant hashtags such as #PropertyNews or #RealEstate you are guaranteed to reach more people!

Youtube IconAs we know, video is becoming increasingly popular in the property industry to show off properties for sale! Creating a Youtube channel will give your estate agency the opportunity to showcase all your videos in one place. Youtube enables users to easily integrate their videos onto their website too, keeping everything consistent and simple.

Don’t have the time or still unsure what to do? We offer a Digital Marketing package which will take care of this for you.

Facebook Ads

More than 1 billion people use Facebook, so posting a Facebook Ad has the potential to get you noticed by a lot of people. You might think to yourself, why pay for advertising on Facebook when you can create and post updates for free? Using Facebook ads allows you to specifically target potential clients who might not yet have seen your company. You can create low cost ads where Facebook allows you to choose different ways to target people. Looking to promote featured properties? Then a Facebook carousel ad could be just what you need! With this ad type you can create up to four properties that link to each specific property on your website, which can also target anyone’s Facebook timeline who may have an interest in your service.

An example of a carousel ad for properties for sale in the Costa Del Sol could be:

Facebook Ad Example

That’s not the only way to promote properties or useful posts on Facebook, if you post something that starts to generate a lot of interest, you can ‘boost’ the post to reach a lot more people. This gives you the opportunity to see what posts work for your business, boosting only the ones that will generate more interest.

How you look online

I’m sure you spend a lot of time ensuring that your office is presented well for your clients as well as your personal appearance. But don’t forget about your website! Your website is the first thing that most clients will see when browsing from property online, so creating and maintaining the perfect website will give the best first impression to your potential clients.

So what important things will make you ‘look good’ online?

  • Mobile responsive – If your website doesn’t work on a mobile then you might as well just give up now. Over 50% of Google searches are made on a mobile device. So if people can’t view your website properly on mobile, they will go elsewhere, meaning you will lose a lot of potential leads.
  • Brand colours – If your website is consistent and represents your brands colours, fonts etc. this will give a professional look and will make your brand more recognisable online as well as offline.
  • Easy to search for property – What’s the main purpose of someone visiting your estate agency website? Most likely they are looking for properties for sale or to rent. So you need to offer an ‘easy to use’ property search tool that is accessible from every page on your website. This will allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly, with ease.

Your website’s design is important in order to engage and convert viewers to clients. A professionally designed website is the key to growing your estate agency.

Web Design CTA

Get seen locally

There are many different ways that you can promote your business locally. Appearance is important, so having a well designed logo, a consistent brand identity and a noticeable shop front will get heads turning. Invite local residents into your office for an open day, here you can build a rapport with the locals so that you are the first place they come to for anything property related.

You don’t just have to stop there, you can get seen locally online by creating a ‘Google my business listing’. If you create a listing for free, your company will show up when customers search for your business or keywords you are targeting in a Google Search and Google Maps result. If you optimise your listing correctly, you could be the first estate agency a potential client will see when active in your local area looking on their mobile device for a ‘local estate agent’.

How can you monitor success?


Free online analysis tools such as Google Analytics will show you how many visitors are coming to your website. To see your online progression, keeping track of where your company is ranking in search engines is a great way to see who is doing better than you, why and what you can do to get ahead of the competition.

Check your Google reviews, how many people have left a good review about how excellent your services are? Reply to reviews and if a client gives a negative review, make sure that you reply with an apology and that you are always looking for ways to keep improving your services – Google likes this.


Keep track of how many leads you generate by telephone, through the door or even by someone who has recommended you.

Ask clients to give verbal feedback, making note of the positives and negatives they mention. This way when you look at growing your business you can work on clients comments to make your future clients feel even more valued.

Looking for further ways to grow your estate agency online? Then contact the property experts today, we are always looking for new estate agencies to help increase their leads and online presence!

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