6 Reasons Why Estate Agents Need To Embrace Social Media

6 Reasons Why Estate Agents Need To Embrace Social Media

For any modern estate agent it’s important to embrace social media and everything it offers in terms of marketing your brand and selling properties. If you’re not convinced that you need social platforms, take a look at these 6 reasons why estate agents need to embrace social media.

Increases brand awareness

Social Media is huge these days and impressively free to use allowing estate agents to showcase their services to the right audience with ease. If an estate agent is regularly active on all popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this will increase brand awareness through increased follower interests and shares at a low cost.

Using the right hashtags will get your brand noticed by more people interested in what you offer and adding images to posts will generate more awareness. You are likely to receive 18% more clicks on a social media post that has an image than a post without.


Social Media allows estate agents to effectively engage with everyone in the property industry. By connecting to your current and past clients, you can ask followers to share updates with those who are looking for a new house, this is a great way to generate new business. If you’re connecting to the right people and sparking interesting conversations with followers, your networking efforts will pay off with increased interest and enquiries.

Competitive advantage

Although many people use social media these days, it can be surprising to hear that a lot of companies don’t use social media to it’s full potential. If your rivals are not using social media you have the competitive advantage to advertise your properties to more people but if your competitors are using social media and your not, they will have the advantage.

Did you know there are 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide?

SEO benefits

Sharing useful posts will drive more traffic to your website. Content is king in the SEO world and if you share useful and engaging content, this will reflect in search engine results. Social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are treated like any other web page in search results. Even though these are speculated not be be ranking factors, it can’t hurt to have your tweet or Google+ company profile showing on the first page in Google.

Property webmasters are experts when it comes to digital marketing, if you would like a little more help to boost your estate agency website on search engines, get in touch with us today.

Improves brand loyalty

71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Reviews by followers on social media can go a long way, this will improve your brand’s trustworthiness, meaning people are more likely to contact you when looking to buy a property.

Your followers can see what your up to on a day to day basis, this allows you to interact in real time, providing quick answers keeping all potential buyers satisfied.

Advertise to a wider audience

If that wasn’t enough, you can fully immerse your company in the world of social media by using their advertising services at a small cost. Facebook ads allow you to promote specific posts and company profile to your target audience, giving the potential for more followers and more enquiries. You can create similar ads on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram too.

Social media provides different platforms to showcase estate agency companies, whether you are adding images of property listings on Instagram or sharing industry related posts on your twitter feed. You can guarantee that having some sort of social media presence will bring a huge benefit of interest to your estate agency company.

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