6 Estate Agent Website Must Haves

Wednesday 13th December 2017
6 Estate Agent Website Must Haves

As the internet evolves, you need to think of new ways to improve your website. Its vital that you keep on top of your online presence to avoid falling behind the competition.

Here are some examples on how you can enhance your website.

Draw Map

A Draw Map is a different and easy way for buyers to search for property. This allows users to search for a property by drawing around the area which they would like to target. This makes it easier and quicker for buyers who are not targeting an exact location to search choosing the area they prefer, rather than doing separate searches or filtering a broader search.

Property Alerts

Property Alerts are a great way to keep users informed of new properties which are added to your website. A user may visit your site but not find exactly what they are looking for, they can select their chosen criteria and be notified when a property matching this criteria is added. What if someone’s dream home is added to your website the day after they are browsing? Without Property Alerts, how would they be aware that you are selling their perfect home? With Property Alerts, a quick sale could be made which is a win for everyone.

Property Shortlist

A Property Shortlist gives users the chance to add properties of interest into a shortlist so that they can come back to them later. Properties may be added to the shortlist for users to compare which they prefer, to show another party, or simply come back at a later date. A Property Shortlist is a great way of giving users a reason to return to your website. Think about when you are online shopping, if you see something of interest and you can ‘add to wish list’, would you be more likely to go back to this item than if you had to go through the search again trying to find what you were looking for?

Property Statistics

By adding Property Statistics on your website you can track how many views each property is receiving and how many times a property has appeared in a search. This allows you to see what users are doing on your site and what they are looking for. By keeping track of how many views a property receives, you can see what the majority of users are looking for which will help you determine why one property is receiving more interest than another. For example, a property with the stylish front room showing as the featured image may be receiving a high number of views, while a very similar property showing the building exterior may not be receiving any views. In this case, you could simply change the featured image to gain more interest. Property Statistics is all about seeing what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Arrange a Viewing

This allows users to arrange property viewings by simply choosing a time and submitting their details. If this is confirmed they are then notified. Not everyone can contact you within your opening hours, this feature is a great option so that users are able to arrange a viewing at a time that suits them.

Language Management

If you are online shopping and the website is in a language that you don’t understand, would you stay on the site or find another? Don’t miss out on potential leads due a language barrier on your website. If your website targets different nationalities then add the option to change the language in order to generate more conversions from all over the world.

And Much More

These are just some of the extras we offer that will improve your website and generate more leads. Check out our Package Supplements Brochure for a full list of extras.

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