5 Spring Cleaning Tips for an Improved Website

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for an Improved Website

Spring is here and for most people this season is associated with cleaning the house, we think it’s a great time for people to ‘spring clean’ their website. Are you getting sick of seeing the same old content and imagery on your site? Guess what, your customers are too! Now is the time to give your site a spring clean that will guarantee a fresh new outlook for your website’s future.

We have created a spring essentials guide to get you started:

Update old content

Check through every page on your site, if you have time sensitive information that may need updating, update it or make a note of when you need to update it. There is nothing worse than someone who lands on your page and leaves again because they saw outdated content, this will contribute to a higher bounce rate which is what you don’t want.

Publish new content & imagery

Adding news articles on a weekly basis will essentially show Google that you regularly update your site, with what should be quality content, which will rank better and bring more website traffic. If you don’t have a news/ blog section on your site, we would highly recommend starting one.

Adding new content is not all you can do, replacing imagery can make a huge difference and give your website a much needed makeover. Implementing a fresh new look can help retain customers and entice new customers to explore the website.

Improve security

Security threats are on the rise so this is a good time to review your existing level of security, on your site and within your work environment. Obtaining an SSL certificate for your site will add an extra level of security, this will change your URL from HTTP:// to HTTPS://, add a secure padlock to your search bar and it is likely to improve your Google rank!

Checking that all work computers have the latest antivirus and anti malware updates installed are essential to ensure your internal network is kept secure at all times.

Try new traffic sources

If your website traffic has become stale, now is a good time to invest in other potential revenue sources. Creating a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) in Google AdWords can allow customers to see your ads on the first page of Google at an instant. A successful PPC campaign can gain more exposure which will bring more traffic and sale queries to your site, if implemented correctly.

If you need professional help, we can create a successful PPC campaign for you. Contact us today for more information.

Do you lack social media updates? Simply adding an update on Twitter and Facebook will help increase visits to your site. Create a Hootsuite account to schedule posts at minimal effort and be sure to add relevant hashtags to reach out to a wider audience. This is simple to do but many companies don’t use social media to its full potential.

Search Engine Clean Up

Google your company name and see what sites you’re listed on. If your business has moved location, changed phone number or even offer new products/ services, checking and updating your company details that show up in search engines is a must. If a company’s information is consistent throughout the web, this will benefit its ranking potential and ensures customers are viewing the correct information at all times.

Follow these essential spring cleaning tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your site. Whether you’re looking to gain more website traffic, sales or enquiries, a spring clean will certainly improve your chances.

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