5 Ways to Sell Property the Right Way

5 Ways to Sell Property the Right Way

As an estate agent you are faced with the growing opportunity to sell property. In an ideal world you are looking to sell fast and receive a profit, in reality this can be tricky to do. A buyer will spend little time looking around a house before deciding if they want to put an offer in, if a house doesn’t have curb appeal, they could even be put off before entering the property.

It’s important to make a great first impression to all potential buyers, follow our top tips to give your house that extra competitive edge.

Clear away clutter

Take away things that won’t be included in the price, make sure the house is light and spacious. If there is less clutter to cloud the buyers view, they will visualise how personal belongings will fit into the room rather than how cluttered and unattractive the space could be. Creating positive first impressions is key when it comes to selling property.

Presentable for photos

Make sure the house you’re selling is presentable, over 70% of new home searches are started on the internet so pictures of property on your website should be ‘show home’ quality. Using larger high resolution images of a smart looking house will certainly generate more interest than a property for sale with a small blurry image.

Pictures of the property will be the first thing a potential buyer sees so creating a great picture perfect first impression is important if you are looking to sell quickly.

Take care of maintenance & repairs

If a house needs a little work, do this before buyers visit or see the property. A small fix to a broken appliance can potentially make a difference between the decision of buying the house or losing interest. If a house is fully capable of moving in today, interest for it will most likely sky rocket.

Add more space

In the less likely event that a property isn’t going straight onto the property market, think of ideas that could generate more value. Adding a loft conversion or even a conservatory will add more space to a house and appeal to more buyers. If any work is carried out on the house, get it re-valuated, it could be worth more money! Adding a loft conversion is a great selling point and building a conservatory is definitely a sought after extra home comfort.

Being an estate agent has its advantages, you will know what works well and what doesn’t, visiting the house before it goes on the market will give you the opportunity point out what needs changing or rearranging to make full use of the properties living space.

Professional website

Because a large majority search for their new home online, it’s vital that you use this knowledge to your full advantage. Offering a well designed website that offers all your latest properties will attract more than 70% of buyers who search for a property online.

Our clients generate more leads with a professionally built estate agent website. If this is what you’re looking for, then contact us today for a free consultation.

As an estate agent it’s your job to sell property efficiently with the hope to generate a profit. Ensuring that all of the above tips are in place will increase interest from potential buyers and going that extra step will certainly guarantee success for the future.

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