5 Ways to Organically Increase Your Social Presence

By Ben Spowart
5 Ways to Organically Increase Your Social Presence

What is Organic Social Media for Estate Agents?

It is really simple, organic social is free content that can be posted by all social media users, including businesses and brands. Types of content that could be considered organic are posts, photos, videos, stories and much more. For example, if an Estate Agent was to consistently publish high-quality organic content on their social platforms, this would increase the brand’s social media presence, leading to a big improvement when it comes to reach and engagement, as well as attracting new followers by appearing in their newsfeed.

Do you want to increase organic social media reach for your Estate Agency without spending money? Wanting to implement new ideas to boost your organic social media presence?

If so, we’ve got the guide for you! We’ll provide some tips to increase your organic reach on social media, ranging from Instagram features to utilising YouTube as a key Marketing tool. We understand that the social media algorithm, analytics, hashtags, keywords and social media marketing can be quite daunting, which is why Property Webmasters have created this guide that you can implement into your social media strategy.

Implemented correctly, the bigger picture of an organic social media strategy would lead to an inevitable increase in revenue for your estate agency due to it being an essential part of your business’s online strategy.

Did you know?

  • There are 3.534 billion active social media users. (Hootsuite)
  • 82% of marketers say they repurpose post content across social media channels. (Hubspot)
  • 99.63% of LinkedIn search traffic comes from organic search (Social Pilot)
  • Videos get 21.2% more interactions compared to images. (Sprout Social)
  • There are 9 billion content impressions in LinkedIn feeds every week (Social Pilot)

Best Time To Post To Increase Your Organic Social Media Presence

Knowing your target audience is vital. You will get the best results by publishing your social posts at peak times. When posting organically, you want to catch the audience’s attention by standing out on their newsfeed. Times we would recommend posting include:

·        7am or 8am

·        12pm or 1pm

·        Any time after 6pm onwards.

One of the main reasons for recommending the above times is that social media users will most likely be scrolling their newsfeed at this time. More than often the first thing someone will do is check their phone in the morning, so it’s important to capitalise on this by posting quality content at this time.

Social Media Platforms That Will Increase Your Brand Awareness And Organic Reach

Instagram Lives, Reels and Guides!

Instagram has a lot of unique features that Estate Agents can use to their advantage. Instagram was originally created to showcase photographs, specifically those taken on mobile devices. Since its launch in 2010, it’s transcended into more than just that, with the addition of lives, reels, guides and much more! Here at Property Webmasters, we believe it’s all about showcasing your personality. Here’s how you can benefit from using a few of these features to promote your properties:

How Can Instagram Lives Grow Your Audience?

Going live on Instagram is a great way to interact with your followers. One way you could utilise the live feature is by simply picking up your mobile device and walking around one of your properties. It will give anyone who is currently watching your live, an opportunity to ask questions and engage with you. Answering the questions will make the live feel natural and allows you to get to know your audience. Once you get an understanding of what your audience like, you can then plan your content marketing to suit their interests and hopefully will encourage them to share your content, which will ultimately grow your organic reach.

Instagram Reels

Social media platforms are currently encouraging their users to publish more video content rather than imagery and Instagram is no different. Instagram Reels are very similar to TikTok, which is another video-based platform, it gives its users the chance to create some exciting and unique content. Reels are a great way for Estate Agents to promote some of their glamorous and eye-catching properties. It’s important that the reels published on your page are high-quality content that will interest your target audience.

Instagram Guides

Guides are a new feature that Instagram has just introduced and we believe it’s a really good way of showcasing some of the properties that you currently have listed. When creating a guide on Instagram, it gives you the option of selecting from your previous posts on Instagram and adding a little description above each one. If the user was to press on one of the images on the guide, it will direct them back to the original post. Instagram Guides will also help when it comes to attracting new followers and building trust, your audience will be able to see the properties you have listed and the type of business you are.

Work Smarter, Not Harder To Optimize Your Social Media Profiles Reach

As we’ve already mentioned, Property Webmasters really do believe one of the key factors in being successful when it comes to posting organically is by showcasing your personality and allowing the audience to learn more about you. Keep your content as natural as possible, especially when it comes to producing videos.

It’s also important to work smarter, not harder when it comes to publishing content. Social media platforms encourage their users to post consistently but don’t post too much. We would recommend posting once a day, if possible, whether you’re promoting a new listing or a generic piece of engaging content, this will ultimately help grow your organic reach.

High-Quality Branding, Will This Help Increase Organic Reach?

Professional and creative branding across all your social platforms will benefit your estate agency immensely. Creating a recognisable logo will help you stand out from the crowd and potentially might spark the interest of potential new clients. As well as having a creative logo, we would recommend keeping a consistent colour scheme throughout your social channels too. Doing this will help keep the page looking well-structured and aesthetically pleasing. Not only is your digital branding important to push but also your organic social content allows you to project people within the business and the value they provide. Creating a defined personal brand is a great way to distinguish yourself in today’s competitive market because it lets people understand who you are, even when you’re not in the room. You set yourself apart by telling your story, sharing your personality, and connecting with people who vibe with your vision. Organic content is by far the best way to do this.

YouTube, An Underutilised Social Platform To Improve Your Reach And Brand Awareness

With plenty of new social media platforms emerging over the past few years, it would be easy to forget about YouTube however it’s still a very useful social media channel that can spark a lot of engagement. So, let’s look at how your estate agency can utilise YouTube to the best of its ability. You have full creative freedom when it comes to publishing video content on your YouTube channel, whether you want to showcase some of your property listings or create a Meet The Team style video, either of these will help make your channel stand out and attract potential new clients.

How we can help increase your presence and organic reach on social media!

Organic social media posting can bring so many benefits to your estate agency, some of which are fundamental to the success of your business including lead generation, brand awareness and website traffic.

Does your Estate Agency need to focus on its brand awareness, as well as create content that is new, fresh and unique? If so, then Property Webmasters are here to help! With our expert knowledge of Digital Marketing and in particular, organic social, we will create and implement a strategic plan that will produce positive organic results for your Estate Agency.

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