5 useful apps for Real Estate Agents

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5 useful apps for Real Estate Agents

As an estate agent you will spend most the day out and about at property viewings, so being able to work away from your desk is a must in order to keep the workload moving. Luckily these days you can rely on your smartphone to do just about anything a computer can do and for estate agents this can prove to be essential while working on the go.

That being said, rather than just searching for useful things on your smartphone or checking emails, using mobile apps can be a huge time saver!

Here are some of our top 5 useful apps that will make any estate agent more productive on the go:

Google maps

So you’re out all day going from property to property but not sure which is the quickest route? Or you are worried about hitting rush hour traffic and turning up late for a viewing? You will never be late again with this handy app! The Google map is the perfect tool for anyone needing to get from A to B in the quickest time as Google uses live traffic updates to guide you on the quickest route possible. This app is certainly a massive time saver for any estate agent.

There is so much more to Google maps, check out of of its key features to find out more.

Since Google are constantly updating their search engine and map features, you will find that this app will only get better over time. Google Maps is available across all major smartphone platforms that include Android, IOS & Windows

Property listing apps

If you want to be successful at selling properties, it’s important to be on all the leading property portals such as RightMove and Zoopla. When someone looks for property chances are they will use a property portal. So to get seen by your target audience make sure all your websites property listings are fully integrated with these leading portals.

Not sure how this is done? There are companies out there that can easily feed your properties onto all the top portal sites, MyDataFeed being a great example!

If you’re not listed on these leading portals you’re missing a big opportunity! Rather than going out visiting every local estate agent a buyer will more likely to go online, login to a portal website such as RightMove and see all the local properties in one convenient place.

So which is more popular? Rightmove or Zoopla? Rightmove comes in top place with an average of 11,100,000 searches per month worldwide, whereas Zoopla comes in at 3,350,000 searches per month.

But don’t just rely on the major property portals, check out our Free Alternatives to Rightmove and Zoopla >


This handy app is a must and is perhaps one of the most overlooked. As an estate agent you have a lot of documents to handle and there’s nothing worse than being in a rush, heading out to a viewing and forgetting to photocopy those important documents which you now don’t have time to do!

With this handy app you can scan documents onto a smartphone, all you have to do is take a photo of your documents and Camscanner then makes these photos look like real scans! This app lets you store up to 200MB free in the cloud and the scans can be managed and uploaded on Google Drive, Dropbox and many more handy platforms.

This free app is also available across all devices! If you need guidance on how this app works, check out Camscanner’s user guide.


So you’re out and about and have left some important docs at the office, but going back will take up to much of your precious time, what do you do? If you have the Dropbox app there is no need to worry!

Dropbox allows anyone to store documents, securely on the cloud, all you will need is a free account to get started and you’ll receive 2GB of free storage. Once the required documents are uploaded, simply login to your Dropbox account via a desktop or App and everything will be there in one place.

Interested? Check out the Dropbox tour to find out exactly how to use this app.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media sharing platforms that you can also manage on their handy app. Picture this situation, you’re out travelling from one property to another and an idea hits you about what to put on social media. But you’re not at a computer and you certainly don’t have time to post on each social platform so you decide to leave it for later then end up forgetting!

Hootsuite makes this process much easier, you are able to post on all social platforms that are connected at the same time, and this handy app even allows a user to schedule future posts. This is everything an estate agent could ask for when needing to manage all social media accounts at the same time.

The Hootsuite app is free for managing up to 3 social media accounts, or you can upgrade to their pro account and manage all social accounts to £7.99 per month. Need professional help to get more social followers? We offer a complete digital marketing package that involves setting up a Hootsuite account and managing it for your business, we create a strategy that is bespoke for your business needs.

So there you have it, our top 5 apps every estate agent must have. What are your favourite apps that makes an estate agent life easier? If you have any further questions about the property industry don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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