5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Property Webmasters are here to ensure that you receive the best possible estate agency website that WILL ultimately generate leads. With expert precision, we will creatively design and intelligently develop the perfect website for you.

In order to get things off to the best start, we always ask a couple of key questions to ensure that you are on the right estate agency package and that your new website is everything you were hoping for and more!


Do you have existing branding?

If you have an existing website, you will need to send over any high quality imagery that will need be transferred onto your new website, this will include your company logo. Additionally we need any existing band colours, fonts & styles (don’t worry, we can help you find these). It’s important that your offline brand is consistent with your online presence, to help you achieve this we can take your existing brand identity and help you improve it!

Are you new to the online world? That’s not a problem. Our estate agent graphic design services can help you craft the perfect online brand that builds trust and looks professional.

Your aim

What’s your company aim?

If you are looking to generate more leads, brand trust or a stronger brand awareness, we can incorporate these aims into our expert designs. Call to actions (CTA’s) can be strategically placed on your homepage and throughout your website, this will guide users to complete a specific action such as getting a free property valuation, or even to receive free property selling techniques (the choice is yours!).

We believe that building a website around your key aims and business goals will ensure that you receive the best possible results.

Web Design CTA

USPs (Unique Selling Points)

How do you stand out from your competitors?

It’s important for us to gain a better understanding of your company in order to portray this within your websites design. So let us know what you do best!

You may offer a unique service that your competitors don’t, your estate agency could cover a larger area than other local agents, or you could offer more experience in the property industry. Whatever your unique selling points are, tell us! We want to showcase everything that you do well on your website.

Your current problems

What are your current online obstacles?

In order to get a better understanding of why you need a website, we would like to know the current problems you are currently facing. This will help us create the perfect design strategy, tailored to your needs in order to get your estate agency website up and running within the designated time scale.

Do you know about SEO?

Some estate agencies think that once their website is built, they can just sit back and everyone will find it, generating loads of enquiries. Unfortunately in reality those estate agents who don’t participate in any SEO activities at all could be waiting a long time. Carrying out even simple SEO tasks will put your estate agency on Google’s radar, enabling you to rank higher in their search engine as well as other major search engines.

It’s important to know that your website design and SEO activities should go hand in hand for the best possible outcome. We know that you want to get the most out of your website, so to show you exactly how we can help, we are offering a FREE online marketing analysis where we will let you know exactly what can be improved on your website from a professional SEO perspective.

If you are looking for the best estate agency website design service, contact us today. Our team of expert designers and developers are always looking for a new project to work on so let us get your estate agency to the next level today! Contact our expert design team for more information!

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