Our 5 Step Website Launch Process Explained

Our 5 Step Website Launch Process Explained

Whether you are starting out as a new Estate Agency or are a well established business looking to improve your website, the process of developing a website can sometimes be very stressful. We prefer our clients to know exactly what to expect on a project so that there are no hidden surprises along the way. So, to make the process as hassle free, we have created a 5 Step Process that explains everything we do.

The 5 Step Process

Step 1: Compile

‘We work with you to gather all of the information for the website’

This is generally the only stage where we require anything from you. For the project to commence, we require the following;

  • Logo/Branding (Don’t worry if you don’t have this yet; we can help)
  • Design choice (This helps us understand what website trend you are looking for)
  • Pages (Which pages you wish to have on the website; we can advise on this if required)
  • Content (We require content for all pages before we commence with the project. We can assist with this and create copy for £30 per website page if required)
  • Properties (What the plan is with property migration; whether we are feeding your properties in from a CRM, using a database dump or existing XML feed or create an XML file by crawling your website, we aim to automatically populate properties into the new system rather than entering them manually)
  • Portals (Are you looking to advertise on any property portals where we can assist in feeding property data continuously, preventing you from adding your stock on multiple platforms?)
  • Business Details (For our records and accounting)

Once we have all of this, the project may commence and we can look to start producing a website that generates leads for you.

Step 2: Customise

‘Our design team will customise your chosen design to match your company branding’

In step 2 we use your preferred design choice, logo/branding and any required tweaks to create your perfect homepage. Once the design is complete, we will send it to you so you can see what your brand new website will look like.

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Step 3: Construct

‘We will conduct the technical development of your website including content integration’

This is where we build your website! We will construct the homepage design and combine this with your chosen internal page design. Much like your homepage, the internal pages will use all your branding. We will then build your websites Dashboard, this will ensure that you can easily manage your properties, page content, imagery, testimonials & news.

Step 4: Coach

‘Your personalised training session for your new website control system’

Once we arrive at step 4 we will show you exactly how to use your new website dashboard. Once the training is complete, you will gain a greater understanding of how your website works and how to keep it running. If you do still have queries after this don’t worry! We are happy to offer you plenty of support.

Step 5: Connect

‘We will launch the website on your chosen domain and you start generating leads!’

This is when your website will go live and you will start generating more leads. We will use your current domain and replace your existing website, or if this is a new build, we will upload the website to your recently purchased domain.

Once your brand new estate agency website is complete, we will continue to support you with any website queries and you will be notified when any new website extras are available. With Property Webmasters your website will be up there with the best! So contact us today for your free website mock-up, we guarantee that you will receive more leads!

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