5 Signs that your Website is Boring

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5 Signs that your Website is Boring

Having a boring website means that visitors will not stay, and you are much less likely to convert a visitor into a customer. If your website shows any of these signs you may need a revamp.

1. High Bounce Rate

Great- Your website is gaining traffic, but are they leaving quickly?

Having a high bounce rate on your website is something you don’t want. A website bounce rate is when a high percentage of your website visitors leave the site quickly rather than continuing to view other pages. This can be a giveaway sign that your site is boring. You may ask yourself, why are visitors leaving quickly? Some reasons could include – too much text, no imagery or even content that just isn’t clear to the reader.

2. Unbroken Text

Do you write content with no clear paragraphs or subheadings?

People are less likely to stay on a website that is just one large chunk of text when other websites can offer them the same information with clarity and even images to back up their content. Try breaking your content up with relevant subheadings, images and even infographics, this will make it easier for the reader to find the information that they are looking for.

3. Page Speed

Does your website take a long time to load?

Think about when you visit a website yourself, if each page takes a while to load, do you stay on it? If your website takes a while to load, visitors will get bored and will more likely than not find an alternative website. Not sure how to check your website’s speed? Check out Google’s Page Speed checker to see what you can do to improve.

4. Imagery

Are the images on your website good quality? Do you show any images at all? Or do you show too many?

The first thing people are likely to be drawn to are images and website animation. Showing no images will bore visitors because you will be left with a chunk of text, whereas showing too many images will take the focus away from your content purpose.

We would suggest using high quality images that relate to the content on your page, it’s a simple fix but if executed incorrectly can cause negative website traffic. You wouldn’t post a low quality property image or just a short description about a property and expect people to want to buy it would you?

5. Updating your content

Do you regularly update the content on your website? Do you share regular blog posts?

Updating your website regularly will keep visitors interested and keep Google happy. Do you offer the same services that don’t need to be constantly updated? Try posting regular blog posts/ news articles, doing this will give visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Is you website boring? Are you looking for a brand new website design that will attract new clients and generate more leads? Contact us today for your FREE consultation and let us show you what we can do for you.

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