5 Key Ways to Attract More Sellers to your Real Estate Agency

By James Sheldon
5 Key Ways to Attract More Sellers to your Real Estate Agency

As Real Estate experts, Property Webmasters know that filling your website with valuable property listings is one of the biggest challenges you face as an estate agent. A lot of Estate Agencies we speak to and work with go off the grounds that once you have property on your website, a property will sell itself for the most part, but the biggest difficulty lies in getting the property listings to your website in the first place. 

Attracting sellers should be a key priority and focus when it comes to thinking about developing your marketing strategy and growing your Estate Agency online. 

We have pulled together 5 key ways to attract more sellers to your estate agency:

Build your own website and promote your brand

One of the biggest make or breaks for estate agencies in 2020 is their web presence. Do you have a website? How does it rank in google? Is your brand recognised online? How does your website portray your business? All of these elements are so important to attracting sellers to use your estate agency as over 50% of sellers will use the internet at some stage in their house selling process. Whether this is to do initial research on which agencies are trustworthy and offer the best service, or look for the best seller incentives to ensure they get the most out of their house sale.

Ensuring your business and brand is portrayed well online is vital to converting seller leads as the seller is looking for an agency that is professional, trustworthy and is going to ensure they receive the best level of service throughout the sale of the property. If you don’t have a good presence online, this will definitely be reflected in how you are converting sellers to advertise their property with your agency.

Run Paid Advertising campaigns

Investing in paid advertising may seem like an expensive exercise, but set up and targeted correctly, PPC and Paid Social campaigns are now some of the most successful ways to increase your lead generation and drive sellers to advertise on your property website with a great ROI. 

Utilising things such as Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Product Ads, to retarget people who have previously visited your website or listings, or to create an audience based on your existing customers. These forms of paid advertising have proved very successful in Real Estate and with key messaging on what you are wanting to achieve, or offering an incentive/advantage to sell through your agency, this is a great way to drive seller traffic to your website.

Attract through content, listings and keywords

You have probably heard the saying that content is king, and it’s true for any industry within the digital landscape to ensure you are organically growing your business through SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a vast topic now, but the key elements include researching and understanding what keywords your customers are searching for in Google, and optimising your content to suit. So, for example, if you are looking to optimise for property sellers you might optimise key search terms such as ‘Sell your property in [location]’ or ‘sell my house [location]’. Doing this will not only enhance the content within your website to the target audience, but it will also allow them to reach it through helping you rank better in search engines.

You can do this through creating content for your website specifically around these terms, or alternatively you can also create blog articles and features specifically on these topics to attract the right leads to your website from the search engines. 

Optimise your Social Media presence

72% of people using the web are now actively using social media on a daily basis. This makes social media now one of the key market places to drive brand awareness and pick up new leads. Ensure you promote your social media accounts through your website and vice versa, create plenty of engaging content, and specifically create some organic content to promote your services for selling property, as well as advertising properties you already have for sale. 

If you don’t already have a good size audience on social media you can utilise Paid campaigns to generate brand awareness and grow your audience size so you have a much bigger audience to post to organically moving forward.

Use Email Marketing to engage your audience in a different way

The chances are, that the traffic coming to your website and portal that are looking to buy, will more than likely also have something to sell. It may be that the buyer is already advertising their property elsewhere but if you can give them an incentive to use your agency over the competition, then there is a good chance they would consider moving the listing or using your agency as well. 

Why not come up with an email campaign for property buyers to incentivise them to advertise their property through your website. This could be a series of emails showcasing the advantages to a potential client using your agency to sell their property and assure them of your level of service, efforts and the process involved.

Are you looking to attract more property sellers to your estate agency website? 

Grow your digital presence, attract the right people and increase your traffic and leads with our specially tailored digital marketing packages. At Property Webmasters we offer Marketing services to cover all your needs but can specifically target any marketing campaigns to ensure you see results where you want to see them. 

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and find out more about the web design and marketing services we offer.

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