5 Estate Agent Hacks that will Generate More Leads

5 Estate Agent Hacks that will Generate More Leads

The property industry is competitive, you may think to yourself how can I get ahead of the competition? You have come to the right place. Follow our top estate agent hacks to make sure you get ahead in the property game.

Organisation is key

Organisation is key to becoming successful in the property industry. Use project management platforms such as trello or basecamp which will allow all team members to communicate effectively on upcoming projects.

If all past and upcoming work is in one convenient place, you won’t waste time looking for that important document you had last week or waste time repeating the same work you have already finished.

It’s all about video

Using video will provide an engaging platform for potential buyers, offer a video tour of a property you’re selling, this will generate more interest compared to simply posting imagery. Investing more time capturing a property on video will make the process of browsing online more reliable and appealing, after all over 47% of property buyers search online for property.

If you want to take it a step further, go live on social media to showcase a property viewing. The real time presence will give the viewer the feel of being at the property without being there and you don’t need any fancy video equipment to do this.

Access work on the go

A lot of companies have gone digital, use the cloud and other online tools to keep important work stored online. The main advantage of this is that you are able to access work on the go, as long as you’re logged into your ‘cloud’ account you can access all of your work/documents across different devices.

Do you have some notes you would love to go over before meeting a buyer but forgot to bring them with you? G-Suite allows you to write documents online (Google Docs) and as long as you’re logged into the desired Google account, you are able to access your Google docs on the go. Having a hub of information allows easy access from any smartphone, anywhere at any time as long as you have internet access.

Keep your audience informed

Keeping your audience informed will create a strong trust with existing clients and give the potential for your followers to share updates to new clients!

Keep clients informed about the latest estate agent trends and news as well as your company’s growth and progress. This will mean that they will always visit your site or social profile first to find out something new.

Top Tip – Use relevant hashtags that generate regular searches on social media, this will reach to a wider audience. View our digital marketing package here >

Reach everyone

Not only should you reach new clients on social media, you need to make sure everyone can see your latest offers. This will mean making your website responsive, if your website isn’t accessible on mobile, that’s half of your audience lost already. Reaching everyone means allowing people to view all your content on all platforms.

Sign up to as many platforms to get as much exposure as possible, you never know where that enquiry might come from… It is guaranteed to work!

Looking for some more estate agent hacks? Get in touch with us today! We have a lot more tips and tricks up our sleeve.

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