4 Digital Marketing Tips for successful Estate Agents

4 Digital Marketing Tips for successful Estate Agents

In the digital era we live in, it’s hard not to engage online and if you’re a business, there are many ways that you can utilise a digital marketing strategy that will ensure you will get ahead of the competition. But with all of the different views, advice and opinions out there, which digital strategies are best for Estate Agents?

Did you know that 47% of the UK population used a property search website within the past 12 months which is at a record high.

With this in mind, we have put together our top 4 digital marketing tips that will give any estate agent a strong starting point in becoming a huge success online:

1. Social Media

For any estate agent, it’s important to utilise social media to its full potential. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to interact with customers for free.

Make use of sharing property related news on social media rather than bombarding followers with your latest promotions, make these platforms a useful resource where people will come to you for everything Estate Agency related.

Top Tip – Keep your brand consistent on these social platforms to reflect your website. Using the same logo and imagery will help potential customers recognise your brand all over the internet.

2. Merge Quality Content With Engaging Content

Once upon a time writing high quality content would be enough to satisfy a good digital marketing strategy. These days it’s important to produce something more than just high quality content, creating content that will engage with the reader will certainly ensure you will gain a competitive advantage.

Engaging content examples can include –

  • Answering burning questions as news articles.
  • Asking questions in your content – Allowing readers to leave a comment or sign up for a newsletter etc.
  • Adding imagery or videos that will get the readers talking – This is a good choice when showcasing your latest properties.
  • Create call-to-actions relating to the content on your page.

3. SEO strategy

A digital marketing strategy isn’t complete without maintaining your SEO. This will include making sure your website content is structured correctly (using heading tags, imagery & relevant links) and that your website is shown on the first page of Google for your target keywords.

Making sure you target the right keywords, for example ‘estate agent website’ will lead to an increase of organic search traffic to your site. If you are a small company, target long tail keywords as these are much easier to rank for and less competitive. If you are not familiar with SEO, it may well be worth talking to us for professional SEO help.

4. Focus on Mobile

Your website has got to be responsive, this should be at the top of every digital marketing strategy. Even when it comes to Google ranking factors, having a website that works on your desktop, mobile and tablet will be favoured over those that don’t.

Did you know that 90% of time spent on mobile is in Apps?

Finally, keep on top of all digital marketing trends and how you can apply these to your estate agency website. Digital trends for virtual reality and voice technology are increasing in popularity, these technologies could certainly be ones to watch out for when developing any future digital marketing strategy.

For further advice on how you can create a strong digital marketing strategy for your estate agency website contact us today!

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