How to Grow Your Real Estate Business

How to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Every business needs to grow to become successful, to do this you need to work on new strategies that work and fit in with your business.

Whether you have just set up an estate agency or you have 30+ years of experience, all agencies want to grow.

It’s important to have a plan in place and always think and research different ways to improve. Although this is likely to be something which you already do in some way, we understand that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to spend searching for more ideas to evolve your business. 

Boost your estate agent business with the help of our top tips. Turn potential customers into buyers and sellers using successful marketing across a range of channels including social media, newsletters, Google my Business, Google ads, Facebook ads and more. Estate agents need to do everything possible to beat the huge range of competition within their local area. So, that’s why we’ve listed below our top 12 ways to grow your Estate Agency Business.

Share Informative Content via Your Website, Social Media, and Email Newsletter Marketing

Increase your reputability whilst improving your estate agent SEO… publishing regular and relevant content is a great way of getting your brand out there for all of the right reasons. From market updates to area guides, the possibilities of content you can produce are endless. 

Producing content like this will not only help you appear in relevant searches, but it will instil a level of trust and reputation with your audience, showing that you have the knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality service. 

You then have the ability to generate more leads via newsletters that can be posted to your growing online audience and subscriber list, email marketing can work wonders for sharing informative content alongside some brand-related posts.

Virtual & 360 tours for Listings

Keeping up with changes in the industry both on and offline is paramount to the successful growth of your agency. 

Providing that extra level of confidence and convenience, virtual and 360 tours open your agency to a whole new audience, allowing people from overseas to view a property without the hassle of travelling to and from the property. 

With video marketing becoming one of the most important marketing strategies, sellers and buyers are expecting this to be a sewn-in service from agents. Meaning if this isn’t something you currently offer you could be putting potential clients off your services, leading them to go elsewhere.

Other benefits include:

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-cutting
  • Convenience for both you and the buyer
  • Expand your reach


One of the most important pieces of free marketing, testimonials can be the final push when it comes to a client choosing you over another agency.

Humanising your brand and providing social proof for that one extra step of reputability, testimonials are a great way for you to back up any case studies or sales pitches. 

Not only can testimonials be a great way to get the sale over the line but marketing using a testimonial as your creativity can be a great way to real in new prospects. 

Create an Organic Presence

Being in such a saturated industry, it is vital that you create a presence for yourself and get your agency out there! Not everything to do with growing your online presence has to cost you an arm and a leg, organic content is something that you as an agency can do for free and most importantly most of the tools you need are already right in front of you.

Keeping on top of the latest trends and updates within the industry is key when wanting to grow your business. Social media is a great tool for creating an identity for your Estate Agency, allowing you to display exactly what you want your audience to see and perceive your agency as. When done correctly this can provide an incomparable ROI!

Establish connections with other agencies or businesses within your area, this will not only help increase your brand awareness but also help establish your reliability. Build a Google My Business profile to help establish yourself in the local market. Buying and selling properties is not always quick and easy to do, keeping your name at the front of a user’s mind, building relationships with users and ensuring your business is doing everything in its power to promote your properties, making them easier to find.

Google Ads for Estate Agents

Looking to get to the top of Google fast? If you’re willing to spend money, then Google Ads might just be for you to rank above all other search engine results!

So What Exactly is Google Ads?

Google Ads (PPC) can bring many benefits to your Estate Agency, including some of your business’s fundamentals such as website traffic, brand awareness and lead generation. PPC is a flexible solution that needs to be managed effectively so that you can receive the best return on your investment.

To do this you will bid on relevant keywords you are trying to target to appear above all other search engine ads and organic results. This can be a great way to sell a property or advertise your agency if you have the budget to do so and know someone with the right expertise to create effective campaigns.

Ads will generally appear above all organic searches and will look something like this.

Market Trends

You need to keep an eye on new property trends to avoid missing out on a potential opportunity to progress. The Property Industry is always changing, and failing to keep up to date with industry-related news and trends will leave you at a disadvantage.

If you are unaware of a new trend which will affect your business this could deter you from closing a sale or you could miss an opportunity to gain more business. 

You can keep up to date on both UK and global market trends by keeping an eye on our blog and marketing guides. 

Social Media Engagement for Your Estate Agency

Social Media is a free advertising tool and is something that should definitely be taken advantage of, having a social media presence is absolutely essential as it can promote your business both on the local market and beyond.

There are so many different free social media channels and ways they can be used to get your Estate Agency noticed and grow your business. You could add your featured properties to social media to gain more interest or create competitions to gain a higher number of likes and followers. Sometimes sharing an interesting or unusual fact is all it takes to generate engagement.

Here are the top social media platforms that every estate agency must be active on and why:

Instagram – One of the most visual platforms, Instagram is a great way to advertise your listings, services and latest news. Similar to Facebook, the platform allows you to build a following and build trust between you and your audience. Growing in popularity, Instagram could become your shop front and go-to location for prospects to get to know and search for your agency.  

Facebook – Surpassing 2.4 billion users worldwide, vendors and landlords want to work with someone they trust and Facebook allows you to build your trust and awareness with prospects. 

LinkedIn – The ultimate B2B platform, although this is not the perfect platform to display your listings, LinkedIn is a great place to build connections and establish your brand with like-minded people within the industry.

TikTok – Yes, TikTok, despite the stigma TikTok is a clear gateway for Estate Agents to connect with their audience. Already being used by some of the world’s largest agencies such as UK Sotheby’s Realty and @danielmheider, these agencies are reaching at least 500k users from as little as one 30-second video.  

Facebook Ads for Estate Agents

More than 3 billion people use Facebook, so posting a Facebook Ad has the potential to get you noticed by a lot of people…

You might think to yourself, why pay for advertising on Facebook when you can create and post updates for free? Using Facebook ads allows you to specifically target potential clients who might not be aware your company even exists!

With endless ways to prospect and retarget your audience, Meta Ads also gives you creative freedom when it comes to how your ads look and the type of placement you want to advertise on. From dynamic product ads to carousels and videos, there is no doubt that if you aren’t utilising Meta ads you are falling behind!

How Does your Estate Agency Business Look Online?

I’m sure you spend a lot of time ensuring that your office is presented well for your clients as well as your personal appearance. But don’t forget about your website! Your website is the first thing that most clients will see when browsing property online, so creating and maintaining the perfect website will give the best first impression to your potential clients.

So what essential things will make you ‘look good’ online?

  • Mobile responsive – If your website doesn’t work on a mobile then you might as well just give up now. Over 63% of Google searches are made on a mobile device. That is over half of our potential audience you are instantly discarding if your website isn’t optimised for mobile.
  • Brand colours – Consistency is key, making sure that prospects and clients can recognise you online as well as offline is one of the most important factors when it comes to brand awareness. 
  • Responsive Property Search – What’s the main purpose of someone visiting your estate agency website? Most likely they are looking for properties for sale or to rent. So you need to provide an ‘easy to use’ property search tool that is accessible from every page on your website. This will allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly, and with ease.

Your website’s design is important in order to engage and convert viewers to clients. A professionally designed website is the key to growing your estate agency. 

Interest to see what your Estate Agencies branding could look like in one of our latest AgentPlus templates? Request a free website mock-up from us today!

Make your Mark with a Strong Online Presence

Referrals are one of the most important sources of prospecting and something that can make or break your growth as an agency. 

Ensuring you leave on a positive note no matter whether the client has chosen to work with your agency or not is key to your agency’s reputation. Just because a client hasn’t come on with you to sell their property doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t buy one with you. 

Keep in contact and utilise your agency’s database, and send regular market updates or offers to prospects to ensure your agency is always at the forefront of their mind.

Get Seen Locally, Build Repeat Business

There are many different ways that you can promote your business locally. From your ‘For Sale’ signs to your brand logo and your shop front, although your appearance has a huge impact on how you are seen locally it’s not the only way you get to grow your Agency.

Partnering with local businesses is a great way to build trust and rapport in your local area. From local tradesmen to solicitors, the more recommendations you can provide your clients the more this will likely be returned on their behalf. 

Invite local residents into your office for an open day, here you can build a rapport with the locals so that you are the first place they come to for anything property related.

You don’t just have to stop there, you can get seen locally online by creating a ‘Google my business page. Once you complete the simple set-up, your company will show up when customers search for your business or keywords in your local area, in a Google Search and Google Maps result. This can also be utilised within your Google Ads campaigns, pushing your agency to the top of local searches. 

How to Start an Estate Agency Business

We have a full guide how to start an estate agency business.

Here is a summary of the key points from that post:

  • Research the market to find gaps and opportunities for your new estate agency. Consider what will make you stand out from competitors.
  • Secure appropriate licenses and insurance to operate legally. Follow regulations for your location.
  • Find and rent suitable office space that is accessible for clients. Have space for meetings and property viewings.
  • Build a user-friendly website to market properties and your agency. Make use of high-quality photos and descriptions.
  • Use social media and digital marketing to promote your agency. Build connections with potential clients.
  • Hire experienced, personable staff to provide excellent customer service. Offer competitive commissions/salaries.
  • Connect with local solicitors, mortgage advisers and tradespeople to build your referral network.
  • Focus on specific property types, areas or services to niche your agency offering. Become known as specialists.
  • Use professional branding and marketing material to look established and trustworthy. Convey your agency’s values.
  • Provide regular training for staff on industry changes, regulations and best practices. Offer opportunities for growth.

Monitor The Success of Your Estate Agency Business!

One of the most important and widely forgotten strategies. Analysing your own business, research into what you are doing well as a company and why this is, focus on key sections that you aren’t performing as well in and hone in on how this can be improved. 


Free online analysis tools such as Google Analytics, are a great way to track and keep on top of visitors to your sites and the platform and locations they are coming from.

To see your online progression, keeping track of where your company is ranking in search engines is a great way to see who is ahead of you. Research other agencies to see what they are doing and what’s working well for them. 

As mentioned above, keeping on top of the industry and global trends is key to getting ahead of your competition and growing within the industry. 

Check your Google reviews, how many people have left a good review about how excellent your services are? Reply to reviews and if a client gives a negative review, make sure that you reply with an apology and that you are always looking for ways to keep improving your services – Google likes this.


Keep track of how many leads you generate by telephone, through the door or even by someone who has recommended you.

Ask clients to give verbal feedback, making note of the positives and negatives they mention. This way when you look at growing your business you can work on clients’ comments to make your future clients feel even more valued. Looking for further ways to grow your estate agency online? Then contact the property experts today, we are always looking for new estate agencies to help increase their leads and online presence!

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