10 Online Marketing Principles For Estate Agents

10 Online Marketing Principles For Estate Agents

It’s paramount every Estate Agency who is serious about sticking around for the long haul is now actively implementing an online strategy into their communications mix. In this article we bring you 10 online marketing principles which will help your agency get where you want it to be online!

1 – Define your message

No matter how much money you pump into paid advertising. If your message is not right you will not win. People need to understand why they should buy from you and not your competitors.

Take time to understand your audience and create messages which will make you the only option!

2 – Add value

Your agency should be looking to add value in everything you do. It is likely that you are not going to be the only estate agency in your area, therefore, it is vitally important you are adding value. You can do this is by enhancing the user experience. A little trick to see if this is an area that needs working on is by going to your own website and testing out the functionality. Are you making it hard for potential leads to get in touch? If the answer is yes then this NEEDS addressing, please bear in mind that your visitors may not have been on your website before and they won’t automatically know where to find what they need.

Another way to add value would be to make your service more personal. Standing out as a person and not a company will help build trust online. Try experimenting in Video Marketing, people find this nerve wracking but it really works.

If you were looking for an estate agent in your area to help you sell your house? Would you use you?

3 – Stand for something

This can be related to number 1 in terms of defining your message. What exactly is it that your agency does? I have seen so many agencies not knowing what they stand for. If you do not know what you stand for then how will potential clients? For example if you are a Luxury Real Estate Company in Marbella, stick to this, don’t look for quick wins and change your offering it will alienate your target audience.

4 – Keep all your online marketing in one place

For Estate Agents nowadays there are so many online companies out there who want a piece of your agencies online marketing. We have seen lots of agents who outsource different facets of their digital marketing to different agencies. This can do more harm than good. If you are doing in house marketing, great! However, if you are looking to outsource your marketing choose one company. This is the best way to truly help you grow online in the long term!

5 – Talk to the right people

Let’s imagine you have got all the above correct, the next thing you have got to think about is whether or not your agency is getting in front of the right people. There are both short term and long term strategies you can put in place to achieve this. A short term strategy would be to implement targeted ads on both Facebook and Google. If executed correctly both avenues have high success rates on turning traffic into conversions!

A long term plan would be to really understand your audience, carry out research to define;

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they based?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What keywords/terminology would they use to search the internet?

If you take the above into consideration you should be then implementing your findings into all your ‘owned media’, in particular your website. Optimise your website to cater for your audience. If you get this correct you will see improvements with your organic listings which is highly advantageous for obvious reasons!

Overcome Online Issues


6 – Be Consistent

There are so many different ways in which people can find your agency online. You have to make sure each platform is consistent to the next and inline with the overall branding of the company. From social media to your website, directories to property portals, take time out to make sure they are all updated so that you don’t confuse your target audience!

7 – Have an amazing website

Your website is now your shop window, it’s essentially your biggest sales person, it needs to be right! With the rise of online technology and social media, it is now even easier for people to find your agency. But note that it is also very easy for potential clients to find your competitors too. If your website is old and out of touch potential clients will not take you seriously and as mentioned previously, they will bounce straight off your site and become clients of your competitors. Investing into a new website is extremely important. Let your website do the work for you, a great website will sell your services and generate you leads!

8 – Don’t list properties constantly on social media

Time and time again I see agents constantly posting listings on social media, why? It really is doing more harm than good and can have an adverse effect and can result with your followers unfollowing you. Try thinking outside the box…..

Social Media Hacks

9 – Think outside the box

Have you got a property that you think people will be really interested in? Why not spend the next few social media posts talking or even videoing the area.

  • What is there to do?
  • What are the benefits of living there?
  • Any local landmarks?

Once you have the attention of your audience then hit them with your listing, this will entice them to get in touch with you!

10 – Review your online strategy constantly

This should never be underestimated. Always review all your online activities. Not everything you do is going to work online. If a certain channel is really working for you e.g. Facebook Advertising or Content Creation, then put more focus on to these areas and pull away from what is not working.

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