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You may think your website looks nice and does what it’s supposed to do, but have you ever sat back and thought about how many leads you’re getting? If your website performs well but isn’t getting you the amount of customers you want, you may have to rethink your approach. Real estate content marketing works perfectly hand in hand with digital marketing , and can help you see a huge improvement in the number and quality of leads you get.

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience working in the property industry, you can rely on Property Webmasters to help with your online efforts. As specialists in property website design and development, our team also delivers first-rate content marketing for real estate agents. With clients located around the world, we aim to help you see a boost in traffic, conversions and revenue – no matter where you’re based.

What is Real Estate Content Marketing?

Real estate content marketing is a vast and complex minefield, that when applied correctly can work wonders for your estate agency. It’s the backbone of your online marketing efforts, helping you to gain additional exposure and build your brand awareness. If you want to become an authority within the real estate industry, content marketing is a must. It’s all about being recognised as a credible company and being discovered by the right clientele.

In general terms, the term content marketing refers to the act of distributing your knowledge, expertise and advice in a fun and informative way. It’s designed to engage your target market as well as provide them with the details they’re looking for.

Content Marketing for Estate Agents

Content is king, or so the famous saying goes. However, you shouldn’t just write for the sake of it. The more irrelevant content you create, the more diluted it becomes. And that’s why real estate content marketing can’t be done without proper planning and preparation. A strategy needs to be created, which will help the whole process flow much more smoothly than if you were to just jump straight in and attempt content marketing on a whim. Some popular methods that work well for estate agencies are:

  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes

While these are all good approaches, you need to think about how your audience is going to be able to see all your hard work. One of the easiest ways to get your content marketing efforts seen is to share the pieces across your social media platforms or to generate an email marketing campaign.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King” more than once in your life, but have you ever stopped to think why that is? The heart of any successful digital marketing strategy is content marketing, with it becoming a necessity to carry out if you want to be found online. The reasons why content marketing is so important include:

  • Boosting organic visibility
  • Driving traffic towards your website
  • Generating more qualified leads
  • Instilling confidence in your brand
  • Building your reputation
  • Providing reliable solutions to customers
  • Something to build your social media profiles with

Is There a Difference Between Content Marketing and SEO?

Despite having the same end goal – to get more people to view your website and utilise your services – content marketing and SEO have some very noticeable differences. The overlap happens because of their mutual relationship: keywords or search queries and strong, engaging content.

SEO is primarily designed to help you appear in search results, by creating an optimised website through on-page content, off-page work and technical changes. Content marketing for real estate agents, however, is more about reaching out and attracting an audience via other methods.

For an online marketing strategy to actually work, you need to carry out content marketing and SEO together. You’ll find that you work on both unintentionally, but you need to make sure you’re getting the balance right. After all, the better your knowledge of SEO the better your content will perform, and vice versa.


A well-written and optimised blog platform allows you to increase your web presence. Writing blog articles will help to boost your estate agency’s online visibility as you’ll have a constant stream of high-quality content that can be indexed by search engines.


One of the most interactive forms of content marketing is to create videos. It allows you to reach new heights, increase conversions and boost ROI, all down to being such a personal touch. Videos are exciting as it means that your audience can watch and listen rather than sit and read, providing you with more opportunity to explain everything in more detail without overcomplicating it.


People love visual content, which is why infographics are so popular. They’re a simple way to provide lots of information without making it too wordy or hard to understand. You’ll be able to raise awareness of your estate agency in a way that’s easy to consume while also demonstrating your experience.


Online quizzes are popular among people of all ages and are a great way of grabbing the attention of your readers. They have the ability to attract strong engagement, build your brand and influence the decision of your consumers. Not only are they highly valuable, but they’re also a little bit of fun too.

Stats for You to Consider

  • Content marketing can generate 3x as many leads than traditional marketing
  • Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for those who take advantage of content marketing
  • 71% of buyers engage with blog content
  • Long-form content outperforms shorter content by 40.54%

Best Practices for Estate Agents

If you want your content marketing efforts to be successful – who wouldn’t want to see their hard work pay off? – then you must carefully plan your strategy. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, remember? It all comes down to following these five things.

Having a Great Website

No matter how strong your content marketing abilities are, having a poor website will mean that your efforts are wasted. If you create a first-rate piece that receives engagement like never before but then direct people to a tired-looking and out-of-date website, the chances of conversion will be pretty slim. It’s imperative that you give a good first impression, ensuring that you come off as professional. You can do this by making sure that the design of your website is easy to navigate and provides customers with what they’re looking for.

Coming up with a Plan

Creating content on a whim simply won’t work. Those who have been in the game for a long time understand just how much time and effort coming up with a strategy takes. If you want to maintain posting high-quality content, then planning it all out will be an incredibly important part of the entire process.

Knowing Your Audience

If you don’t know your audience, then how do you expect to reach out to them? Knowing who your target market is will be vital for success. Carrying out audience analysis involves extensive research, but it will be worth it in the long run as it will prevent you from doing something just for the sake of it. Instead, you’ll be able to create content that’s specifically tailored to suit the needs and wants of your audience.

Be Engaging on Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways of connecting with your existing buyers and sellers as well as potential clients. Utilising the various platforms available will ensure you build awareness, communicate authority and show authenticity to those who follow your pages. Not only should you be creating social media posts, but should also try and be as responsive as possible. You can engage with your audience more by simply replying to their comments and messages.

Publishing Content Regularly

To keep your website, blog and social media platforms fresh, posting up-to-date content on a regular basis is a must. Though it can be tricky knowing how often you should be creating content to begin with, you’ll generally start to learn how frequently you should be posting quite quickly. It’s very trial and error to start off, but once you’ve got the balance right, you’ll be thankful for the time and effort you spent.

How Property Webmasters Can Help

By drawing on our wealth of industry knowledge, the digital marketing team at Property Webmasters are on hand to assist with your content marketing strategy. Our aim is to provide estate agents and property professionals with a service that’s 100% honest and transparent, which is why you know you can count on us to deliver results. We never apply a one-shoe-fits-all kind of approach as we understand that every estate agent has different needs and desires.

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The team are really friendly and approachable and I would say that the key thing that sets them apart from competitors is that they tailor a flexible and personable approach to one’s needs.

Jay White
Jay White
The team are really friendly and approachable and I would say that the key thing that sets...

The team are really friendly and approachable and I would say that the key thing that sets them apart from competitors is that they tailor a flexible and personable approach to one’s needs.

Lars Nygaard
I received over 30 times the cost of the website in commissions in the first 2 months of l...

I received over 30 times the cost of the website in commissions in the first 2 months of launching!

Martin Astliz
We have worked with Property Webmasters on various projects and are really happy with the ...

Everything is done in a very professional and friendly manner and they always complete the jobs on time. They keep us in the picture so that there are no surprises. It is a real pleasure to work with such a professional and friendly company and to have them looking after such an important side of our business.

Peter Goodall
We would recommend their services to anyone serious about being seen on the internet.

Property Webmasters have been involved in all our most recent projects and have always proved to be an efficient, courteous and professional organisation. We would recommend their services to anyone serious about being seen on the internet.

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